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Benefactors of CMA handed over equipment worth more than one and a half million hryvnias to the military hospital in Lviv

Dyvys Info

Defenders of the Kraken special unit were given an ambulance

Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

In Lviv, American surgeons will operate on 50 children from across the country

Espresso TV

James Suen, an American plastic surgeon, former doctor of Bill Clinton, about his impressions of working with CMA

Arkansas Online

Medical institutions in the Dubno region have received new equipment.

Rivne news

Plea for Australian burns expertise to help Ukrainian resistance

ABC News

Rudolf Myhovych from Christian Medical Association of Ukraine asks Australia for specialists for burn victims

VOA - Voice of America English News

The Duben hospital received equipment from benefactors

Rayon. Medicine

To improve the lives of wounded military personnel suffering from chronic pain, Ukrainian doctors underwent training in the United States.

the Pharma Media

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