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For more than 20 years of its existence, the CMAU team has been organizing medical trips to remote places in all regions of Ukraine, where for most people medical care is difficult to access.

The founder of the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine was the honored surgeon of Ukraine Samuil Onisovych Karpyuk. Due to an incurable oncological disease, Samuil handed over the leadership of CMAU to Oleksandr Doroshenko.

Since 2020, Rudolph Mygovych became the head of CMAU, who continued the work of his two predecessors. Also, new projects of CMAU began to be implemented, in which proactive young people joined. Currently, CMAU organizes online training with foreign doctors for Ukrainian doctors and students, interfaith prayer breakfasts for doctors, BLS training, and medical camps.

The full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation became the reason for the expansion of our activities to ensure the urgent needs of medicines and equipment for hundreds of hospitals and medical military units. In response to this need, CMAU organized a medical warehouse in the city of Lviv. Our partners are international charitable organizations and foundations in Europe and the USA.

We at CMAU clearly understand the development of the medical community and, accordingly, the availability of medical care to the final recipient is the education of doctors, thus we hold a large number of regional and international conferences, seminars, and congresses for doctors.

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